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Export Example


This feature uses the export procedures of the APOC library to create exports based on your custom Cypher query.

Select “Export” from the main menu and choose a type: JSON or Cypher Script. Depending on the type of the export, additional options become available:


  • Write Node Properties … this includes the node data in the JSON object of relationships

Cypher Script

  • Format … plain / cypher-shell / neo4j-shell
  • Separate … results in 4 separate exports for Schema, Nodes, Relationships and Cleanup

See the docs of the APOC library for details.

Enter the Cypher query: The query must RETURN all named nodes and relationships you wish to have included in the result (or simply *). Then hit the export button.

Attention: Limit the query result using WHERE and LIMIT. Do not export large amounts of data this way, since this might crash your neo4j DBMS.