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Search Result Example

Search Result

The search result shows the rows returned by your Cypher/Commander query. You can flip through the pages of the result using the arrow buttons arrow_left arrow_right, copy the Cypher statement to the system clipboard with the CQL button, hide the search result with the visibility button and close the search result with the close button.

For each found node you can see the ID, the label, the value of the “main property” and some additional properties. You can customize these things in the Preferences.

Click the down-arrow button arrow_downward on the left side of each row to open the node(s) in the editor(s) replacing the currently open editors.

Click the add button add on the right side of each row to append the nodes to the editors.

Drag-And-Drop one of the blue nodes to the Breadcrumbs section (above the search result) to add the node at the desired position.

Note: A node can only be open once! If you try to open a node but nothing happens, it must already be open.